Friday, 7 July 2017

Silkmoth of the week: Imbrasia obscura

Imbrasia obscura is a widespread species, occurring throughout Western and Equatorial Africa, from Senegal east to Kenya. With their wingspan of ten to twelve centimeter, they are not amongst the larger African Saturnids.The adults are quite variable in color, with darker and more pale forms. Even though this species isn't rare at all, they have only recently spread amongst hobby breeders. It is still waiting for the first caterpillar pictures popping up on the internet, together with some reliable breeding reports on European/American plants that can be used as alternatives. I wouldn't hold my breath for it though. Sibling males and females seem very reluctant to pair.

Imbrasia obscura male
Imbrasia obscura male - Origin: Kenya

Imbrasia obscura female
Imbrasia obscura female - Origin: Kenya